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Labelling Machines    More Info

a.) Wet Glue Labelling    More Info
b.) Self-adhesive Labelling ( front and Back ) servo controlled    More Info
c.) Rotary Labelling ( Self Adhesive labels )    More Info
d.) Label /Sticker Dispensers    More Info
e.) Shrink labelling with Shrink Tunnel    More Info
f.) BOPP labels hot melt Rotary type    More Info

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Labelling Machine


Salient Features

  •       High production speeds up to 150 per minute.
  •       Free Roll Mechanism Device With Auto Breck.
  •      Unrivaled build quality and reliability.
  •      3.5" PLC Based Operation .
  •       Equipped with printing device.
  •       Suitable for Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Corrugated c ontainers.
  •      S.S. elegently matt finished body.
  •       Batch - coding thermal inkjet type printer to be provided.
  •       Accurate Lable Placement.
  •       Very Less Down Time Change Over.
  •      Sutable For Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Box, Containers.

Wet Glue Labelling


Rotary Labelling ( Self Adhesive labels )

Label /Sticker Dispensers

sticker labelling

BOPP Machines